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Classroom Presenter 3

Download the latest Classroom Presenter 3.1

Classroom Presenter 3.1 was first made available August 16, 2008. It has since been updated numerous times to fix various bugs and account for changes in newer Powerpoint versions. Earlier versions can be found on the downloads page. Key additions to Classroom Presenter are QuickPolling, localization to Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese, and support of images. The text facilities have also been improved significantly. are currently available). Bug reports still apprectiated.

Classroom Presenter is a Tablet PC-based interaction system that supports the sharing of digital ink on slides between instructors and students. When used as a presentation tool, Classroom Presenter allows the integration of digital ink and electronical slides, making it possible to combine the advantages of whiteboard style and slide based presentation. The ability to link the instructor and student devices, and to send information back and forth provides a mechanism for introducing active learning into the classroom and creates additional feedback channels.

We are pleased to announce the release of Classroom Presenter 3. This new version of the system has a more robust implementation of networking, making it easier to use as the basis of an interactive classroom. The real time inking now provides a smooth rendition of digital ink, with very little delay between the instructor and the public display. Other improvements, such as the ability to load powerpoint slides directly enhance the work flow.

This short video shows the basic Classroom Presenter functionality and some of the pedagogical advantages. A new video shows the use of Classroom Presenter in a distance course taught between UW, Microsoft, and Lahore University, Pakistan.

A mailing list [presenter-profs] has been set up for users of Presenter. If you want to be added to the list, send mail to Richard Anderson.

Integration with Conference XP

Classroom Presenter 3 is now integrated with ConferenceXP 4.1. ConferenceXP downloads are available from the Center for Collaborative Technologies website.


Many people have helped out in the development and deployment of Classroom Presenter. This includes undergraduate and graduate students at University of Washington who have written the majority of the code, and users of Classroom Presenter around the world who have given important feedback and discovered many different ways of taking advantage of this technology in the classroom. The project has been supported by Microsoft Research, Hewlett Packard, University of Washington, and the National Science Foundation.

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